Affordable Homes for sale at Duneridge – Findhorn, The Park

We are delighted to announce that Ekopia’s application to the Rural Housing Fund has been successful. We are pleased to confirm that in addition to the two units that have already been allocated at North Whins, a further four are now available – 2 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom new build houses. The purchase price for these units will be reduced from market value by approximately 40%.

All units are designed to a high eco specification and should have low running costs.

Please find below the links to all the relevant supporting documents. Please read them all carefully.

If you wish to know more about the housing units’ layout, build schedule, cost and the design-build contract and/or the particulars of the boundaries of the site(s) you are interested in and/or the heating system, common land and buildings and their arrangements, please discuss this with Duneland. Contact

If you wish to make an application, please return the relevant form and any supporting materials to by noon on Monday, 4th March N.B. Late applications will not be considered.  

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