Our partners

Local Partners

Over the past decade and more Ekopia has been instrumental in assisting, creating and maintaining a number of key local organisations.

Ekopia is a founder member of the New Findhorn Association (NFA), which is the facilitating body for the intentional community located in West Moray.

“This community is a place of transformation, not only for the individuals who come here but also as an ever-evolving experiment in community living.”

We are the largest shareholder in Phoenix Community Stores, which has a turnover of over £1 million per annum and employs 30 staff.

Phoenix Community Stores

The Title Holders Association organises various Park based activities such as infrastructure payments from property owners.

We are a major stakeholder in Findhorn Wind Park, which has a capacity of 750kW. This project enables the Park Ecovillage campus to be net exporters of renewable electricity and which was a key contributor to the community having the lowest ecological footprint ever measured in the industrialised world.

findhornwind windmill rainbowbridge

Our loan to New Findhorn Directions enabled this company to construct two low impact eco-chalets for visitor use.

We helped create and finance Station House Co-operative, which provides seven affordable housing units in Findhorn. We have also provided housing assistance to the Soillse cluster, a development of six housing units at The Park.

We are key stakeholders in the development of affordable housing units at Duneland’s East Whins, West Whins & North Whins clusters, also at The Park.

We created and operate the Eko currency, which has supported a variety of initiatives including the Youth Project and the Festivals group.

Other local partners include:

Park Ecovillage Trust parkecovillagetrust.co.uk

Park Ecovillage Trust

Moray Carshare – Moray Carshare

Moray Carshare

The Findhorn Foundation – www.findhorn.org
The charitable trust which began the intentional community at Findhorn.

Findhorn Ecovillage Project on Wikipedia

An interactive map showing some of the relationships between the partner organisations in the Ecovillage is available here.

Forres – www.forresweb.net
The website of the local town of Forres.

National and International Partners

The Ethex report on Positive Investing in the UK


Development Trusts Association Scotland – www.dtascot.org.uk
Development trusts are not-for-profit, community-led businesses. This site has information about this fast-growing network of organisations and the real difference they are making in regenerating the communities in which they are based.

Development Trusts Association Scotland

Community Savings Bank Association – www.csba.co.uk

The Phone Co-op. –www.thephone.coop

Community Energy Scotland – www.communityenergyscotland.org.uk

Rural Housing Service – www.ruralhousingscotland.org

Senscot – www.senscot.net
Social Entrepreneurs Network Scotland

The Funding Network – www.thefundingnetwork.org.uk
The Funding Network supports projects which “work towards a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable world”.

GEN – www.gaia.org
The Global Ecovillage Network