Findhorn Ecovillage Project Background

Houses in the Park, Findhorn
Findhorn Ecovillage

The Findhorn Community aims to completely transform its home at The Park Ecovillage Findhorn into a demonstration Ecovillage.

So far over eighty ecological homes have been constructed as well as a new Guest Lodge and Youth Building, a 675KW wind park, two new visitor eco holiday chalets, biomass boilers and an ecological wastewater treatment plant called a Living Machine.

Chalet in Findhorn Caravan Park

An independent study completed in 2006 by the Sustainable Development Research Centre concluded that the residents have the lowest ecological footprint of any community measured so far in the industrialised world.

Projects for the future may include the expansion of the Phoenix wholefood store, the further introduction of low-carbon vehicles, ecological houses and facilities, and the creation of more affordable housing.

Biomass Boiler
Biomass Boiler

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