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For over 30 years, Drumduan School has been providing families with access to a child-centred, holistic, Steiner education. To ensure a healthy financial future, Drumduan House was bought through a community shares issue by Ekopia. This was to enable the school to remain in situ and allow the wider school community to take ownership of a much-loved building.

Invest Your Money Ethically and Help the School You Love!

To keep Drumduan School open to all, they strive to keep the fees affordable and offer a bursary programme. However, balancing this with the need to achieve financial sustainability is a challenge.

By selling Drumduan House to Ekopia allowed the school to pay off a large historical debt whilst remaining in the current location, freeing us up to concentrate on what they do best: providing a progressive education that cultivates imagination, creativity and resilience, through experiential learning and nature connection.

We invite you, our friends, alumni and parents, to invest in those shares and support Drumduan School. 

Community Share Offer – How It Works

Shares can be bought at various rates of return, up to a maximum of 4.0% (min. investment of £500 over 5 years). If you choose to help Drumduan further, by investing at a lower rate, the interest you forgo will be deducted from the school’s annual rent. For example, buying shares worth £5,000 at a rate of return of up to 4.0% could realise £2,000 over 10 years. However, by investing at a rate of up to 1.0% you could still realise £500 and save the school £1,500.

All investments include voting membership of Ekopia. 

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Please Support us!

Please email info@ekopia.org.uk for more information.