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In these uncertain times our thoughts and support go out to all individuals touched by Covid -19, and in particular to those amazing volunteers supporting our community members.

We in Ekopia remain available via phone and email and will continue to deliver our services to all our members and to all the local social enterprises we support.

In response to Covid-19, we have been approached by HIE to support the distribution of Scottish Government Resilience Funds, as one of the anchoring organisations in the community. We have submitted our Expression of Interest. If approved by Scottish Government, we would be covering the Findhorn area and supporting local volunteer organisations to have access to the fund, wherever vitally needed.

Looking to the future, Ekopia will continue to source funding to kick start our feasibility study in response to the challenges of the climate crisis. We will continue to work on this project, aiming at designing using variance models such crofting activities, supporting local future food growers to have access to farmland. If successful with our current grant applications, we aim to launch the feasibility studies in September 2020. Everything that is happening is giving us more determination to continue to support and design projects that are aimed at securing a more sustainable future for our local communities.

A few links to Covid-19 support and Information on Funding available
Just Enterprise has just launched a new business resilience support service for social enterprises.

COVID-19 Small Business Grant – Moray Council
As part of its response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Scottish Government is making grants available for certain businesses and has asked the Council to administer the Grant Scheme on its behalf within the Moray Council area.

Application form
Businesses are asked to complete the application form and return it, together with proof of bank account details, and email a copy to your local authority at

Scottish Government £350 million fund to support welfare and wellbeing
The Scottish Government has announced they will provide a further £350 million to support those most affected by Covid-19.
A £40 million Supporting Communities Fund will be used to support the rapidly growing and inspiring community efforts at a local level, which will be vital to national resilience. This includes supporting people at risk because of age or isolation, to carers, homeless people and asylum seekers.

£20 million will be allocated to a Third Sector Resilience Fund, to help ensure the health and continued viability of the third sector organisations, which have a key role to play in our national response, affected by cash flow and other problems.

We will keep you updated on developments for Ekopia, and are of course available if anyone has any questions.

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