About us

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Ekopia Social Investments Limited is a community benefit co-operative registered in Edinburgh on 6th February 2001.

Ekopia is a founder member of the Development Trusts Association Scotland and New Findhorn Association.

Our Services

  • Suitable ethical and ecological community investment schemes for our members.
  • Creation of affordable housing projects
  • Ecovillage development and infrastructure services (see below)
  • A local currency scheme that provides support for local charities and businesses.
  • Advice for local businesses and organisations, and for other intentional communities.

Social Enterprise

The Royal Bank of Scotland SE100, a new database of social enterprises, has ranked our profile and we are pleased to say that we came first overall in the finance sector in 2013, see https://se100.net/.

Our Formal Objects are:

To carry on for the benefit of the community the promotion of rural regeneration and sustainable economies by the provision of financial assistance, technical assistance, business advice or consultancy including support for businesses which promote organic production, fair trade, ecological practices, renewable energy, the retention of land on trust and affordable housing

Ekopia also has the power to provide financial assistance, loans, guarantees and grants to bodies who support the above objects.

The constitution is based on mutuality, with each adult member having one vote. Voting is independent of the amount of shares owned.

What this Means in Practice

Ekopia seeks funds from members of our community of interest to be re-invested in worthwhile community ventures. We use the word “investment” quite literally here. The idea is to find projects with commercial prospects that will generate a suitable return for investors. Borrowers must have a social as well as economic purpose, and soundly based plans and projections.

Ekopia also seeks grants and donations for worthy non-commercial ventures and we welcome such support for the community.

We own various assets, including building and amenity land to support these purposes, and we are actively involved in the development and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of the Park Ecovillage.

An investment in Ekopia is a positive and practical way of helping to give organisations in our community the opportunity to grow and thrive. If you are interested in making an investment in a community project, please go to our ‘Looking to invest?’ page.

We are registered in Scotland under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014. Number 2574R(S)