We seek investment from members and new investors for:

Why invest in Ekopia?

Ekopia is creating a sustainable local economy, our activities have multiplied in the last ten years, investing in worthwhile projects, from renewable energy to affordable housing. We are also striving to develop more of our own projects, in order to develop our assets and deliver services to support the local community. 

Ekopia’s history of investment includes a range of local regeneration projects which benefit the Findhorn Community and surrounding area. Some of these projects include affordable housing, the Phoenix Store and the Findhorn Wind Park, social enterprise and school buildings. 

How is interest paid?

Ekopia automatically pays interest annually in October into your specified bank account. Any investment period that is less than one year in duration will result in part-interest for the number of months that you invested.

You can also choose to accrue your interest on request – once you’ve reached £500 you can then buy further shares. Another alternative is to have your interest paid to you in the Findhorn Ecovillage’s local currency – Ekos.

Minimum investment amount


Maximum investment amount


Investment commitment

Your investment is committed for five years. Before this period Ekopia will consider withdrawal requests at their discretion. After the five years, three months notice is required.

To find out more about our investments, visit our ‘looking to invest?’ page, or send us a message.