Ekopia to purchase the Moray Art Centre building

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Dear Ekopia supporters,

Ekopia and the trustees of the Moray Art Centre are delighted to announce a new project launching this month!

We have agreed that Ekopia will purchase the Moray Art Centre building, so that the Moray Art Centre trustees can continue to run their gallery and classrooms as tenants, whilst Ekopia manages the art studios and converts the rest of the building into a fun and welcoming community arts café with an outdoor, sheltered space. Local community artists will run lively workshops and events, nurturing the arts in Moray for people of all ages.

The purchase will allow the Moray Art Centre to pay off its current debts and focus on the activities which they do so well, whilst allowing the community to retain an asset and the cultural heritage which goes with it.

We aim to make the MAC accessible to all, and to balance the wonderful facilities already available at Findhorn Park, with a focus on families and the space for indoor and outdoor artistic activities. We intend for this to be a fun and vibrant place, attracting all generations from across the region. In the current climate, when the artistic community has suffered so much, we would deeply appreciate any support in nurturing this vital aspect of community life.

We are also happy to confirm that we have been awarded a £1,239 grant from Community Shares Scotland to support this project. The grant will be used to cover costs for all our marketing materials. 

For those interested in investing or supporting in any way, please email info@ekopia.org.uk, and we will be very happy to give you more information.

Warm wishes from the Ekopia team.

Supported by Community Shares Scotland

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