Awesome Event number two

From all of us here, I want to wish you happy painting and God bless, my friends. Trees live in your fan brush, but you have to scare them out. Son of a gun.

Zip. That easy. You can spend all day playing with mountains. Now we’ll take the almighty fan brush. Everything is happy if you choose to make it that way. Let’s put some happy trees and bushes back in here. So often we avoid running water, and running water is a lot of fun.

I’m going to mix up a little color. We’ll use Van Dyke Brown, Permanent Red, and a little bit of Prussian Blue. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your masterpieces. God gave you this gift of imagination. Use it. Clouds are free they come and go as they please. Everyone needs a friend. Friends are the most valuable things in the world.