How to Invest

Here is a summary of our investment opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more about Ekopia and/or making an investment please Contact Us.

Currently available

Affordable Housing

We have launched a share issue to support the provision of affordable housing via a shared ownership scheme. Further details are available on application. See also the Affordable Housing Page.

  • Housing Share Application form

    Phoenix Investment

    Minimum of £500 for five years. 4% interest per annum if available plus 5% discount on purchases made in the shop. Classified as medium-high risk as the security is essentially the ability of the company to trade successfully.

  • Ekopia Phoenix Share Application form

    Findhorn Foundation and NFD Investment

    Minimum of £1,000 for a minimum period of one year. Three months notice required for a withdrawal. 2.5% interest per annum.

    Classified as medium-low risk as the charity and/or its wholly owned trading subsidiary company NFD is able to provide Ekopia with a security over a marketable building.

  • Ekopia NFD Share Application form

    NOT Currently available

    Ecovillage Project Fund

    Ekopia often seeks investment funds from members and friends of the Community to be directed into the Findhorn Ecovillage Project Share Fund. Money raised by Ekopia will be re-invested in various projects forming part of the Ecovillage Project. These currently include

    We expect to add others to the portfolio in the future.

    This portfolio approach spreads the investor’s risk, and enables Ekopia to offer a more flexible investment opportunity.

    Projects deemed to be high risk by the Ekopia Board will not receive funds from the Ecovillage Project Share Fund.

    The minimum investment amount is £500 for one year. Interest rates are variable with returns expected to be between 3-5%.

    This share offer is currently closed but may re-open towards the end of 2017.

    Contact Us

    If you are interested in finding out more about Ekopia and/or making an investment please Contact Us

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